University Programs

Summer Internship Program (approximately 3 months in duration)
Ekso Bionics is offering multiple internship opportunities for STEM and non-STEM undergraduate and graduate level students. Interested candidates should apply for the position that most aligns with their interests and educational backgrounds. Projects and program-specific details will be available closer to the actual internship start date.

To apply: follow specific job posting instructions, submit your resume, and answer related qualifying questions (no cover letters, please!). Opportunities are available for the following disciplines/areas of study:

-          Mechanical Engineering 

-          Electrical Engineering/Computer Science (Software Engineering)

-          Marketing

-          Finance


Summer-Fall Extended Internship (approximately 6-8 months in duration)
Ekso Bionics is offering our inaugural Mechanical Engineering Extended Internship (MEEI) for current students  or recent college graduates (undergraduate level only) who are interested in gaining practical work experience. Whether your current programs allows for a full semester/quarter of curricular work experience, you’re starting to work on a capstone project, or you are interested in taking a break between your undergraduate and graduate education, this extended internship affords candidates the opportunity to gain hands-on training in an exciting professional environment. Due to the duration of the program, we expect participants to have completed most, if not all, of their upper division engineering requirements. If you are interested in particip/ating in this program, please apply for the MEEI only. Permanent job placement is not guaranteed at the conclusion of the MEEI program.

Former Interns on their summer at Ekso Bionics:
“At Ekso, I built the software and circuits for a foot sensor test setup. Ekso helped me to become a multi-disciplinary engineer by enabling me to dabble in circuit, control loop, concurrency, and GUI design." – Amanda Loh, Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2016 (University of Washington class of 2017, BS in EE/CS)

“During my summer at Ekso, I worked closely with members of the Industrial team on the development of the ekso works zeroG arm. For the duration of my ten-week internship, I independently developed a cycle-testing apparatus for the arm, simulating the real-world loads that would be encountered in the field and facilitating lifespan estimates for each component. I received excellent guidance from the experienced engineers on the team, and got to follow the evolution of multiple projects, gaining insight into the full product development process. I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone hoping to gain exposure to an exciting, dynamic, and close-knit company making meaningful advances in robotics, healthcare, and human augmentation.”  – Connor McCann, Mechanical Engineering Intern, Summer 2016 (Yale University class of 2018, BS in ME)

"I worked closely with the Medical Device team working on a variety of projects for Ekso’s latest innovations. My tasks exposed me to a wide variety of hands on experiences in manufacturing, test engineering, electrically integrated systems development, and industrial design. Ekso has an intelligent, passionate team of engineers who provide great perspectives and insights for solving some really cool problems." - Matthew Molina, Mechanical Engineering Intern, Summer 2016 (Stanford University class of 2017, BS in ME)